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Outw.it is a fun site with puzzles, games and technology to challenge your brain and outwit your friends. Compete to see who can solve brain teasers the fastest.
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Tantalize your mind with brain-bending riddles and puzzles



Exercise your brain with clever riddles that will really make you think outside the box. See if you can figure out the tricky wordplay and clever clues.


Logic puzzles twist your brain in knots with numerical, verbal, and logical conundrums. Train your deductive reasoning skills.

Optical illusions

Visual puzzles play tricks on your eyes and perception. See if you can decode the hidden images and decipher the optical illusions.
I've had such a blast trying to solve the puzzles on Outw.it! Some of them really make my brain hurt but getting them right is so rewarding. I can't get enough of the challenging brain teasers.
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Outw.it provides an extensive collection of puzzles, riddles, logic problems and other mental challenges guaranteed to flex your brain power.
We create brain teasers for amusement and entertainment with riddles and puzzles.
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